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Over the past few years, Monty Lord has developed proprietary memory techniques, gaining 5 Guinness World Records & now shares these same techniques in schools through the charity Young Active Minds. As an author, his books have soared onto the Bestseller lists. He co-founded the charity Young Legal Eagles® that helps raise awareness of young people’s legal rights, enabling their access to justice.


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Monty Lord has been writing since the age of 7 when he released his first book which reached the bestseller list, making him the UK’s youngest bestselling author.
He became a world memory champion by the age of 14 and now holds 5 Guinness World Records, using his own memory techniques which he now teaches to school children around the UK through the national charity Young Active Minds. Monty went on to become the UK’s youngest person with the most Guinness World Records.
Monty sees it as his goal to right some of society’s wrongs and presented the findings of his own research to world leaders at the United Nations at the age of 15. Awarded with the Points of Light award by Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his charity and community work, the Diana Award and the British Citizen Youth Award, he was also named in The Independent newspaper for driving positive change in the UK.


Monty established the charity Young Legal Eagles® to promote the rights, views and interests of children and young people (CYP), with the knowledge that everyone should know and understand their legal rights and obligations and know how to gain redress through the legal system.
Young Legal Eagles® provides legal information to children and young people, through printed and electronic media, the publishing of multi-lingual mini guidance booklets in paperback and audiobook.
Through our regular YouTube and Podcast series and our series of printed guidance booklets, Young Legal Eagles® seeks to simplify the law, engaging nationally with schools and community groups to ensure that children are fully aware of their legal rights and how to exercise them, if required. We also provide up-to-date guidance specifically on topics that may affect children and young people.
Between 2021 and 2022, Monty Lord took high-profile legal action against a large national youth organisation on behalf of multiple child victims who all alleged bullying and abuse with elements of homophobic behaviour. The organisation failed to submit a defence and the claimants that Monty represented all received damages in full with court costs.
As a member of the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth and the National Anti-Bullying Youth Board, Monty is well-placed to carry Young Legal Eagles® into 2023 and beyond.
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Rapid Memory Recall System® is now a fast-growing online and in-person programme, teaching advanced memory and revision techniques that can be used by children at school, adults in the workplace or students at college and university.
Monty became the UK’s youngest person with the most world records, currently holding 5 Guinness World Records. At the age of 14, he founded the national registered charity Young Active Minds, to inspire new, fun & effective learning activities using his proprietary memory techniques (Rapid Memory Recall System®) and address inequalities in the education system.
Monty Lord developed the student and teacher workbooks and now runs the national schools programme, licensing the memory & learning system to education establishments through the charity.
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Monty’s personal mission extends out to non-profit organisations like Young Active Minds, a national charity he founded to support disadvantaged young people in education. He goes into schools, teaching some of his advanced memory techniques to help tackle education inequalities.
Monty also founded Young Legal Eagles to provide legal information to young people, raising awareness levels of children’s rights and how they can access justice. You can watch a short documentary about it here.


Monty is a family person.
He’s currently reading Law at Cambridge University. In his spare time, he enjoys keeping fit with a black belt in Taekwon-Do, reading, writing and challenging society’s wrongs. He lives in Preston in the North West of England.


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To be released Summer 2022!

Bizarre Laws book by Monty Lord 2

Bizarre Laws & Curious Customs of The UK

A Highly Entertaining Read For Anyone Who Enjoys The More Bizarre & Somewhat Macabre Laws of Our Sceptred Isle

In this second book, Monty Lord gives you an insight into some bizarre laws that have littered the UK statute books throughout history. Not all of them have been repealed over the centuries. Some of them made perfect sense at the time they were introduced but seen through modern eyes, now appear archaic and draconian.

Is it illegal to own a pet whale but not a tiger?
Is it illegal to cause a nuclear explosion?
Is it illegal to be drunk in a pub?
Is Granny Farming illegal?
… all these questions and more will be answered in this latest book by Monty.

Amazon Best-Selling Book – paperback, kindle & audiobook

Freaky School book by Monty Lord

Freaky School

A Fictional Children’s Book, Exploring Aspects of a Primary (Elementary) School Day With a Difference

When Monty’s released this first book at the age of 7 in 2012, it instantly became a No.1 Bestseller on Amazon and made it to the Movers & Shakers list, passing Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and Jeff Kinney. Monty takes the reader on a third person journey through the school day, in what appears to be an ordinary everyday school. He manages to uncover a few dark secrets along the way and quickly discovers this is a far from ordinary school. It is, in fact, a Freaky School.

Monty draws on his skills, unique humour and personal experience from the most bizarre mix of situations in which he’s found himself. At the time of publishing, Monty became the UK’s youngest Bestselling author.
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In each episode Monty Lord explores life’s conundrums as he delves into the intrigue and complexities of the human mind, uncovering the tactics and strategies used by the world’s leading memory experts to help you develop a more powerful memory and discover new, exciting productivity techniques that actually work for you! From rambling conversations and funny little chunks of everyday goodness, Monty leaves no hot potato unbuttered.


Episode #01

Appearance on ITV News

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Interviewed on BBC Radio Lancashire re- Being Featured in The Independent

Episode #07

Speaking on BBC World Service Programme ‘Smart Women, Male Genius’


The Online Version of The National School's Programme to Enhance Memory!

The Memory Programme and Software That Gives You Everything You Need to Supercharge Your Memory and Focus & Reach World Record Levels of Productivity!

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Rapid Memory Recall System® was created so that people like you, from all walks of life…
 …who may struggle to remember things
 …who spend hours working hard but just not seeing the results they expected
..can very quickly develop a more powerful memory & become highly productive!
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Monty Lord Online Speaking

Online Speaking

All of Monty’s In-person Speaking Engagements Can Also Be Offered Live, Online

To accompany the online ‘at-you-own-pace’ programmes, Monty is also available to provide the full spectrum of his in-person speaking events, through live interaction over Zoom or MS Teams, whichever is preferable.
He is also available to provide 1:1 instruction in memory and revision techniques.

Monty Lord In-person Speaking Events

In-Person Speaking Events

Information on Speaking Engagements

If you’re interested in engaging Monty Lord to speak at your event, education or workplace, his suggested engagement topics are as follows:

All speaking engagements are customised to Education establishments, Community groups or Corporate, with delegate (& teacher/HR) workbooks. Engagement talks can be further customised for your audience with duration variations available.


Monty is available for speaking, interviews, podcasts. Download the media bio and press kit here
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